Embodied Acupuncture Today!

Classically,  acupuncture and energy work was part of a complete system of medicine that we now call Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Rooted in  Zen and Daoist traditions from Japan, Korea,  Vietnam and southeast Asia, our texts date back over 3 thousand years. TCM was rooted in transformational practices that included gentle massage and energy work,  acupuncture (if needed), intuitive counseling, mindfulness, and contemplation to deliver healing from the first session. This created visible and permanent change that bordered on miraculous. 

Classical  Acupuncture was alchemy:  physical, emotional or spiritual pain and disease were transformed into precious experiences and released; healing comes with mindfulness, compassion, and understanding.

After 20 years in practice, developed during the pandemic as a response to my own catastrophic diagnosis, Embodied Acupuncture combines deep energy work with classical acupuncture styles that allow many patients to see and feel their own energy move for the first time. YES, it's VISIBLE FOLKS!

Intuitive counseling, energy work with gentle massage, and rebalancing the energy centers (called chakras) provide the basis for understanding how certain experiences create limiting belief patterns that are unconsciously reinforced until they are resolved and released. 

From Dr. Jennifer Moffitt:  

"As the clinic director of The Healing Arts Center of San Diego, I have provided services in traditional Japanese acupuncture, orthopedics, Functional Medicine and analysis of labs, Occupational Medicine, and Worker's Compensation for 20 years."

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For many of the more complex cases, I work more as a medical detective, treating difficult-to-address conditions that have failed other forms of therapy.  My favorite patients are those who have tried other forms of treatment first, whether western medicine or long-term orthopedic issues, conditions that have not responded to PT, pills, surgery, massage or chiropractic care.  Patients seeking integrative treatment for severe diagnoses requiring extensive medication (eg Type 2 diabetes, leaky gut, cardiovascular disease, cancer, autoimmunity issues, and trauma) who would like to make long-term changes in their health are also excellent clients for the office.  


  • Highly trained Medical Intuitive and Medical Detective
  • Traditional Japanese Acupuncture with energy work (needles optional)
  • Functional Medicine and Telemedicine health consultations
  • Feng Shui Consultations for Sick spaces
  • Post-graduate mentoring and training


Come see us up in Kearney Mesa:

Jennifer Moffitt, DTCM

7071 Convoy Court, #102

San Diego, CA 92111


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more information.  

Please note this office no longer accepts any insurance.

Due to issues with the pandemic, we have temporarily discontinued online booking.  Please call or email the office to schedule.