Jennifer Moffitt has been actively on the cutting edge of intergrating science and intuitive energy styles of healing for almost 30 years.  Formerly a research scientist at UC Davis  in Environmental Toxicology, her background in clinical chemistry allows her to blend the best of both eastern and western medicine in a way that supports the body, mind and spirit of her patients.  Her training emcompases many forms of both integrative medicine and energy medicine, to combine uniquely for each patient at the center.  

After 17 years as Clinic Director, and serving tens of  thousands of patients in the greater San Diego area, she recently downsized her busy practice with three associates to focus on a more select, intuitive approach to healing and a more 1:1 style.  She went through a profound shift in her approach to healing over the last few years, and began to recognize that fear and powerlessness are behind most injuries and disease processes in the body.  Moving away from the current medical model of "fix me," she uses guided imagery, hypnosis, and creative dream work in conjunction with acupuncture and reiki to empower patients to access  their OWN power for healing. 

A highly trained medical intuitive, Jennifer helps translate the energy stored in the body so that her patients are better able to transform chronic physical or emotonal issues that haven't resolved with other therapies.  True healing is achieved when patients feel empowered again and trust the language of the body and their ability to resolve any condition.



Jennifer became interested in acupuncture after a series of automobile accidents left her with a serious back injury.  She returned to pursue graduate work in Oriental Medicine at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, where she graduated magna cum laude.  She is Board Certified nationally in Oriental Medicine, Acupuncture and Chinese Herbology.  She continues to refine her skills with advanced studies in traditional Japanese acupuncture and herbology (Kampo) with noted teachers Masakazu Ikeda Sensei and Edward Obaidey Sensei in Tokyo.  


She maintains a busy bilingual practice in addition to graduate-level teaching, writing, and serving as an ancillary provider for Sharp Rees Steely and the VA.  She is deeply committed to sharing these gentle and powerful techniques with the associates and students who work with her at the clinic, and her staff have undergone rigorous residencies in Classical Japanese Medicine and orthopedics under her mentorship.


She is a passionate advocate of border health issues, and has been a frequent clinician for Project Viidai: Viaje Interinstitutional de Integracion, Docente, Assistencia y Investigacion , a joint venture with SDSU School of Public Health and Tijuana’s Universidad Autonoma de Baja California (UABC) School of Medicine, with the goal of providing service to underserved communities in Mexico and promoting health without borders.  Se habla espanol!

An accomplished musician, Jennifer has been an professional church and classical singer since high school and sings with various church and classical groups in the greater San Diego area.