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Dr.  Jennifer Moffitt has been active on the cutting edge of integrating science and intuitive energy styles of healing for over 35 years.  Formerly a research scientist at UC Davis in Environmental Toxicology, her background in clinical chemistry allows her to blend the best of both eastern and western medicine in a way that supports the body, mind, and spirit of her patients.  Her training encompasses many forms of both integrative medicine and energy medicine, to combine uniquely for each patient at the center.  

Jennifer completed her MSTOM at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine and her doctorate at 5 Branches University.   She is Board Certified nationally in Oriental Medicine, Acupuncture, and Chinese Herbology.  After 18 years as Clinic Director, serving tens of thousands of patients in the greater San Diego area, she downsized her busy practice with three associates in 2020 to focus on a more select, intuitive approach to healing.  A catestrophic diagnosis at the beginning of the COVID pandemic allowed Jennifer to create new applications of Oriental Medicine and clinical neurosceince, a synthesis of 35 years of medical training and energy work.  Her work is VISIBLE to the naked eye and many patients see and feel energy move for the first time.


She continues to refine her skills with advanced studies in clinical neuroscience and primitive reflex integration.  She is working currently on publishing and  creating advanced trauma based clinical training for other providers at the post-doctoral level.  


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