HOURS OF OPERATION:  Monday, Tuesday, Thursday Friday 10-6 PM

We offer a free 15 minute phone consultation with the Clinic Director (a $50 value).



First visit: We have a time-based model for treatment.  This includes consultation time, so if you have a lot to discuss, it will simply be a longer session.  I start the clock when you start the session.  If you have a more complex case and would like to add services like energy clearing, imagery, and massage, your personalized exercise plan, and herbs, chakra balancing can be included based on time.  If you want a discount, chose a shorter session.  ALL consultation time is an additional fee and is charged in 15 minutes increments. 
Inital consultation 15 - 30 minutes:  $65
Time-based; difficult cases may require a longer consultation.  Review of medical labs and reports included here.  
Traditional Acupuncture with Point of Essence (TM) Healing:  $160.00/hour.  This is painless Japanese acupuncture, combines powerfully with massage and energy work for visible, palpable results on the table, many times on the first visit. This is typically a longer session than regular acupuncture so be sure to allow at least 60-70 minutes for treatment in addition to talking time.  Since this is individual and channeled in real-time, all talking and demonstration time is billable. 
  • $125/30 minutes (consultation and 30 minutes treating time)
  • $160/ 60 minutes
  • $180/ 70 minutes
  • $200/ 80 minutes. 
From my perspective, I try to include as much as you need with as many of the following services as time permits:  
  • Check up
  • History and examination; CONSULTATION AND DISCUSSION of injury, belief systems, energy centers, review of labs
  • Diagnosis
  • Acupuncture and moxibustion
  • Roller Moxa and shiatsu 
  • Energy balancing massage with chakra clearing
  • Biofield Imaging of the Energy Field (photo)  (included with POE sessions if desired)
  • Nutritional and herbal recommendations (herbs sold separately)
POINT OF ESSENCE Healing is an additional channeled and intuitive guided energy work that can be used as a stand-alone without needles or added to enhance the rejuvenation possible in regular acupuncture treatment.  We find that the POE activation often cuts the number of sessions in half, and with better results.  
Point of Essence (alone) - $125 /half an hour and includes roller, light shiatsu massage, and the Point of essence work.  Exercises, counseling, and demonstrations of home percussion work are billable.  This is an excellent choice for clients who are afraid of needles, children or the very frail such as after chemotherapy. ($250/hour).
Optional additional services for a small additional fee as an add-on to your regular session.  
  • Deep Tissue massage  add-on  for orthopedic injuries - per location
    • (spine is divided into 4 quarters to accommodate issues like rotator cuff).
  • POINT OF ESSENCE massage with chakra balancing - $50  per 15 minutes
  • Chinetsukyu moxa - $20 per chakra
  • PSTEC and Belief Blasters training (recordings sold separately by the vendor) - $50 per 15 minutes
  • Cupping   $40 (flat fee); $25 add-on.  
  • Due to our busy schedule, there is a $50 charge for untimely cancellations of less than 24 hours.  
  • Work Comp patients who cancel with less than 24-hours are not permitted to reschedule the missed appointment.  
  • Patients who No-SHOW for an appointment will be charged the full appointment fee.   After the second missed appointment, we will provide a referral to another provider for you.  Repeat missed appointments will be referred to another office.
New clients will need to reserve their first appointment with a major credit card.  
We reserve the right to refuse treatment to anyone.  
Clients who repeatedly cancel or no-show for appointments without a timely cancellation or who use abusive language will be redirected to another office.