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HOURS OF OPERATION:  Monday - Friday.  Times vary per day and patient volume.

We offer a free 15-minute phone consultation with the Clinic Director (a $50 value).



I will break down the charges as follows, but recently I have moved to a new fee schedule.  My approach includes over a dozen modalities of somatic bodywork, energy training (Brennan Style),  chakra balancing, reiki, Feldenkrais, Pathwork, 25 years of oriental medicine training, functional medicine, clinical counseling, SE trauma counseling training, and certified NARM-informed trauma counseling training.  My clients who are already working with a therapist have results that are 50% faster and frankly astounding.  Clients new to body-mind medicine will have a learning curve of how to translate these principles into workable solutions, which lead to disease resolution on the table, so the talk time is essential.  The approach is top-down, meaning there is a new way of learning cognitively, relating to these concepts, and bottom-up in terms of healing the energy -channels that are not communicating.   Because the work is visible, my job is to TRANSLATE where you HOLD energy, based on emotional wounds.  Reconnecting through mindfulness principles, breath work, dream work, prayer, and meditation facilitates inner peace where insight and understanding about how you create these issues in the body.  This is where the rubber meets the road folks in terms of personal responsibility.  YOU CREATE THIS.  My job is to translate and facilitate but in the end, you heal yourself.  As we release the blockages, the body returns to its natural healthy expression, many times on the table.  It then becomes a process of changing your behavior to move out of limiting, underlying beliefs, and behavior that triggers your injuries.  This is personal empowerment in the most intrinsic way.  
My approach includes @ 30 minutes of intuitive coaching, faith-based or mindfulness-based, and may also include breathwork, dreamwork, translating how energy blocks crate certain disease patterns, and PSTEC (similar to EMDR).  For clients with repressed trauma, I refer out for the linking work to trusted therapists as I don't choose to work with repressed trauma at this time.  I can work with you but only if you ware firmly established in a therapeutic relationship.  If at any time I suspect there is more abuse under the rim than you are aware of, I will refer out immediately.
Fee schedule:  $225 - $325, depending on time and modalities required.  
This is 30 minutes of intuitive and energetic coaching/counseling and 60 minutes of table time (can be expanded to 80 max).  
We have a time-based model for treatment.  This includes consultation time, so if you have a lot to discuss, it will simply be a longer session.  I start the clock when you start the session.  If you have a more complex case and would like to add services like energy clearing, imagery, and massage, your personalized exercise plan, and herbs, chakra balancing can be included based on time.  If you want a discount, chose a shorter session.  ALL consultation time is an additional fee and is charged in 15-minute increments. 
Embodied Acupuncture:  $160.00 - 180/hour; established patients only.  This is painless Japanese acupuncture, which combines powerfully with massage and energy work for visible, palpable results on the table, many times on the first visit. This is typically a longer session than regular acupuncture so be sure to allow at least 60-70 minutes for treatment in addition to talking time.  Since this is individual and channeled in real-time, all talking and demonstration times are billable. 
  • $125/30 minutes (brief consultation and 30 minutes treating time) (Established clients only)
  • $160 - 225/ 60 minutes
  • $180 - 240 / 70 minutes
  • $200 - 250 / 80 minutes. 
  • $225-300 /Hour     CHRONIC CASES and TRAUMA PATTERNS:  For those patients in recovery from a long-term illness or injury, a catastrophic diagnosis such as cancer or MS, spinal cord injuries, and known / repressed trauma.  This includes medical trauma such as a catastrophic illness like a mastectomy, abortion, amputation injuries (eg a severe car accident), gestational issues such as the cord being wrapped around the neck, or a heart murmur.  Long term degenerative illnesses including Parkinsons, CHF, cancer and Alzheimers are included here.  For adults with a history of adverse childhood experiences, you can take the ACE self-assessment online.  Digital ACE Test: Understand your health risks. (
  • Trauma patients:  Patients need to be pre-screened with a phone interview to determine readiness. If you have an ACE score of higher than 4 (Adverse Childhood Events) then trauma work applies.  Due to the deep nature of this work, an existing therapeutic relationship must be in place prior to commencing the work.  This is both acupuncture/energy and massage work combined with deep intuitive counseling as we explore the belief systems and negative habits which developed as a way of coping with extreme loss or trauma.  See and experience the physical regeneration possible as you gently move past these limiting tapes into a new world.  Patients who have already experienced other types of healing work such as massage, and conventional acupuncture (Feldenkrais, reiki, chiropractic care) will have the best results as they are simply more open to tackling this from another angle. Treatment is per hour, and many times average about 90 minutes.  
From my perspective, I try to include as much as you need with as many of the following services as time permits:  
  • Check up
  • History and examination; CONSULTATION AND DISCUSSION of injury, belief systems, energy centers, review of labs
  • Diagnosis
  • Acupuncture and moxibustion
  • Roller Moxa and shiatsu 
  • Energy balancing massage with chakra clearing
  • Biofield Imaging of the Energy Field (photo)  (included with POE sessions if desired)
  • Nutritional and herbal recommendations (herbs sold separately)
  • Due to our busy schedule, there is a $50 charge for untimely cancellations of less than 24 hours.  
  • Patients who No-SHOW for an appointment will be charged the full appointment fee.   After the second missed appointment, you will be referred to another provider.   
Due to the delicate and deep nature of this work, I reserve the right to refer to another provider if I determine you are not ready or if you are not a fit.
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