Clinic Director

Clinic Director

Jennifer Moffitt, L.Ac., DpOM Clinic Director



In loving memory....

Acupuncture to Restore the Heart

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Treating medical staff during the COVID shut-down has resulted in a completely new style and application of acupuncture, specifically in response to trauma.  I am calling this "Acupuncture to RESTORE the Heart" for want of a better title.  Until these centers are cleared, nothing else gets better and injury states become chronic. There is a fundamental difference in the body conciouness from a single event trauma versus chronic repetitive trauma, where trauma becomes a habitual state of being.  Because the body cannot function under "fight-or-flight" mode, many times, we have learned to shut down our own nervous system, resulting in suppression of the normal energy pathways in the body.  Once shut down, this energy is simply HELD within as unexpressed emotional energy.

These emotional states are reinforced by our limiting beliefs, which are stored directly in the body and can be accessed with energy and deep connection.  Once aware of these limiting beliefs, the body is free to reconnect to itself in the proper manner, with healing and rejuvination happening directly on the table.  The energy changes are immediately visible to both the patient and the practitioner and can be felt by both.  There is no mystery about what we are treating - it is IMMEDIATELY felt and experienced.  It is the "WHY" that we all have been searching for. 

Once these channels are clear, we are developing self-care exercises to help our patients reset their own circuits on a daily basis, eliminating the energetic CAUSE of the injury.  We have found that patients have the best results when they perform the exercises themselves at home.  This is a powerful signal of self-care to the body, and a positive action step.  It removes the sense of powerlessness and frustration that accompany chronic injuries.  This has resulted in many patients exeriencing relief in just a few sessions. 


We are excited and pleased to bring this new application of an ancient remedy to the world and look forward to working with you!

Updates with regard to COVID:

The office is open for business.  We are staggering patients for no overlap, rooms and linens are clean, sanitized, and rooms are left to stand for 20 minutes.  

All surfaces in the clinic are sanitized between clients.

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