At the Center, we provide services for acupuncture and oriental medicine, herbal consultations, fertility, workman's compensation evaluations, nutritional counseling and pain management, and life coaching.  

Currently we are collecting data for later publication in a major medical journal.  If you have gallbladder disease via imaging (gallstones),  please call our office.  We  have a non-invasive method of treatment that may help you avoid surgery.  All your information will be completely confidential.  Your contribution will enable pilot funding for further clinical trials and may eliminate the need to this type of surgery for thousands of patients.  Thank you!

​50-75 minutes -  $95- 160

Yes, acupuncture is meant to be painless!  Our Japanese and 5-element  techniques are gentle enough to be used with infants, children, teens and the elderly. Needles are sterile, disposable, and single use.

Herbs and Supplements​

Don't waste money on the wrong herbs and supplements.  Jennifer has extensive training in both oriental herbs and functional medicine, and she can guide you with regard to Chinese Medicine, Classical Japanese Medicine (kampo), and supplements safely even if you are taking medication or are undergoing chemotherapy.

Deep Tissue Massage
​  as an adjunct modality for Othopedics.
Targeted deep tissue or myofascial integration with movement is added to most of our orthopedic work to enhance and speed recovery.  While not usually covered by insurance, it usually cuts the number of sessions required in half.
Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching

10 - 60 min, often part of treatment

Not sure where to start in terms of your diet and exercise?  We provide counseling for Clinical Nutrition, Functional Medicine including interpretation of labs, and Auto-immune Disease management.

​Orthopedics, Workers Compensation

Have you received a referral for acupuncture from your Workers Comp Provider or the VA.  Call us to walk you through the authorization process - it can be tricky.  Our office has been working actively with medical providers and MPNs for over 14 years.

Therapeutic Cupping​

Stand Alone - $30

Add-on to therapy - $10

Classically, cupping was used for stagnation, pain or respiratory conditions.  As it pulls fascia and muscles it mobilizes the flow of blood and fluid through the affected area to speed the  healing process.  


Reproductively challenged clients have far 
greater success conceiving using acupuncture 
integratively.  We have a proven track record of 
success with Reproductive Wellness in men and 
women including low sex drive, and impotence. Acupuncture, herbs supplements, and dietary changes are involved to increase fertility.

Moxibustion - So Many Types!!
   Prices vary by type and amount.

Moxibustion is one of the most time honored modalities in Japanese acupuncture, and the  most ignored by american acupuncturists.   Used orthopedically for eliminating inflammation, restoring circulation and eliminating pain, it often cuts the number of treatments needed in half. Results are often dramatic, including successful resolution of gangrene in a Type 1 diabetes patient.

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