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At the Center, we provide services for acupuncture and oriental medicine, herbal consultations, fertility, workman's compensation evaluations, nutritional counseling and pain management, and life coaching.  

Currently we are collecting data for later publication in a major medical journal.  If you have gallbladder disease via imaging (gallstones),  please call our office.  We have a non-invasive method of treatment that may help you avoid surgery.  All your information will be completely confidential.  Your contribution will enable pilot funding for further clinical trials and may eliminate the need to this type of surgery for thousands of patients.  Thank you!

Yes, acupuncture is meant to be painless!  Our Japanese and 5-element  techniques are gentle enough to be used with infants, children, teens and the elderly. Needles are sterile, disposable, and single use.
Herbs and Supplements​

Don't waste money on the wrong herbs and supplements.  Jennifer has extensive training in both oriental herbs and functional medicine, and she can guide you with regard to Chinese Medicine, Classical Japanese Medicine (kampo), and supplements safely even if you are taking medication or are undergoing chemotherapy.

Embodied Acupuncture
​​Developed in 2020 as a response to stress and trauma sustained by medical workers overwhelmed by COVID during the shut-down.  This deeply intuitive massage /energy work instantly removes the energy blockages that cause pain and disease.  This style can be used alone or with acupuncture.  Based on the classical meridian system, the chakra system in classical Ayurveda, and the principles of somatic body movement therapy, the sessions gently restore powerful self-healing circuits that were previously blocked from stress, scar tissue, and trauma.  Sessions are highly individualized and may include tissue work, energy work, counseling, and massage.  Patients must be invested in the process and willing to perform their own self-care exercises.   In just minutes a day, many of our patients have found the number of visits cut in half.  The work is visible to the naked eye, as well as the rejuvenation in the tissue areas and our patients begin to see and feel their own energy patterns in the body.  Due to the deep nature of this work, there must be good compatibility between the patient and practitioner, so it can take up to three sessions to determine if we are a fit.  If you cannot objectively feel things within 3-4 sessions, it means that there is more cleanout work to do, and I provide referrals to practitioners with whom I feel will be helpful.  Referrals may include recommendations for intuitive or NARM-based relational therapy, Feldenkrais, Rolfing, chiropractic care, deep tissue massage, or more basic acupuncture care may be warranted.  Many of my clients
then many come back after more work and our progress is much more satisfying.    
There are no "attunements" or special skills needed to use these ancient techniques, simply gentle pressure, and Jennifer intuitively guides patients in working with their own bodies simply by demonstrating and helping patients learn what energy feels like.
 Over time, Embodied Acupuncture gently restores the proper energy flow in the body, empowering patients to heal injuries and emotional trauma more completely than we ever thought possible.  This has been very successful with patients who have plateaued in therapy, PT, or have received a difficult diagnosis.  Application has been expanded to work with clients with trauma, PTSD, peak performance for athletics and performance, empowerment, test anxiety, or any type of goal. As with any modality, the more chronic the condition, the more sessions will be required to resolve it.   The needle style is painless, and needles are optional in this tradition so it is safe to use with children.
Mommy and Me sessions

Trauma patients in recovery often unknowingly pass behavioral patterns from their experience on to their kids.  Being treated in tandem with your child (same room) leads to a deeper level of family integration and understanding about how their own coping skills, rooted in beliefs of "not good enough" or "I am in danger" and how this affects their children. 


Reproductively challenged clients have far 
greater success conceiving using acupuncture integratively.  We have a proven track record of success with Reproductive Wellness in men and 
women including low sex drive, and impotence. Acupuncture, herbs supplements, and dietary changes are involved to increase fertility.

Moxibustion - So Many Types!!
   Prices vary by type and amount.

Moxibustion is one of the most time honored modalities in Japanese acupuncture, and the  most ignored by american acupuncturists.   Used orthopedically for eliminating inflammation, restoring circulation and eliminating pain, it often cuts the number of treatments needed in half. Results are often dramatic, including successful resolution of gangrene in a Type 1 diabetes patient.

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