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Yes, acupuncture is meant to be painless!  Our Japanese and 5-element  techniques are gentle enough to be used with infants, children, teens and the elderly. Needles are sterile, disposable, and single use.
Functional Medicine and Herbs

The internet has allowed for quickly researchin information, but many patients are self medicating with herbs or supplements that are either not helpful or causing unwanted side effects.  Functional medicine provides help with Interpreting labs, balancing endocrine issues, and balancing hormones. 

Polyvagal Acupuncture
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Mommy and Me sessions

Trauma patients in recovery often unknowingly pass behavioral patterns from their experience on to their kids.  Being treated in tandem with your child leads to a deeper level of family integration and understanding about how their own coping skills, rooted in beliefs of "not good enough" or "I am in danger" and how this affects their children. 

Primitive Reflex Integration Training
  Primitive Reflexes are essential building blocks of the nervous system that become reactive during states of high stress, essentially putting the body in a state of fight/flight.  These stress chemicals target the HPA-axis, flooding the brain with primitive neuropepties and hormones that target myelin, creating spasticity and degeneration.  Thankfully, the nervous system DOES regenerate with help. 
May modalities are possible for this work such as tai chi, ashtanga yoga, classical ballet and other forms of rythmic movement therpiy. 

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