POINT of ESSENCE Activation and Acupressure Self-healing 

You are a  giant circuit-breaker of energy and beliefs!  How you spin your beliefs and energy has a direct impact on the body and energy field.    

When I returned from the COVID shut down a year ago, I was primarily treating medical providers and first responders on the front lines of the pandemic.  In addition, I suffered a potentially career-ending injury to my sashide (guiding) arm with three tears, nerve damage and paralysis.  With no elective procedures being performed during the shut-down, I was foced to work on myself. 

(What a concept!  A healer who works on themselves?)    

Once back to the office, I found a consistent pattern of disharmony in the energy field of all the patients I treated which matched the trauma and energy patterns in my own body which I had to restore before my arm could heal.  The techniques I developed for work on my own injury that resolved the tears, nerve impingement, and paralysis in my own body were immediately applicable to my injured Work Comp patients also experiencing trauma.  Strong stress patterns essentially uncouple the 8 great challenges in the body, essentially making it impossible for the body to heal itself.  

Based on 25 years of training in the principles of Somatic Patterning, Reiki, the acupuncture meridians, and the Chakra system in Ayurveda,  I have created POINT of ESSENCE work and the supporting acupressure self-healing as a response to PTSD, trauma and stress.  Once activated, my patients are able to maintain their own energy field with simple exercises and reverse patterns of disharmony, particularly nerve damage, more complete than we ever thought possible.  I am deeply grateful to my injured medical providers in San Diego who so generously made themselves available to experiment with these techniques over the last year.  


POINT OF ESSENCE is deeply guided bodywork, used either alone, or even more powerfully in conjunction with regular acupuncture and/ or other types of therapy.  In our modern and frantic society, ancient pathways for rejuvenation and healing have become blocked over time and stress.  Until these centers are cleared, nothing else gets better and injury states become chronic.  The body cannot function under "fight-or-flight" mode, so many times, we have learned to shut down our own nervous system, resulting in suppression of the normal energy pathways in the body.  Once shut down, this energy is simply HELD within as unexpressed emotional energy.  The Chakra or energy centers in the body are blocked and cannot move energy; the channels become deranged. 

These emotional states also reinforce limiting beliefs about ourselves which are stored directly in the body and can be accessed with energy and deep connection.  Once aware of these limiting beliefs, the body is free to reconnect to itself in the proper manner, with healing and rejuvenation happen directly on the table.  The energy changes are immediately visible to both the patient and the practitioner and many times are felt by both.  This work is visible to the naked eye - It answers, in part, the ancient question of "Why did I create this injury?"

Once these pathways are clear, we have new gentle exercises to facilitate this work with our patients at home which greatly accelerate the healing process.  Used for 5 minutes or 5 hours, our clients learn new and deeply restorative ways to nourish their own energy centers to resolve an injury to body, mind, or spirit.  This also works on old or chronic injuries, and/or trauma that happened but cannot be remembered. 

Many times once you UNDERSTAND the language of the body, the injury resolves much more quickly.  You aren't being punished by the injury or illness - you simply haven't received the message the body is trying to convey.  


There are ancient pathways in the body that classically were deep reservoirs for healing and restoration.  These become uncoupled and stop functioning with stress and injury and the body and the body stops communicating with itself.  Point of Essence accesses deep energy states to open and reconnect these vessels at a core star level, reconnecting the body with deep reservoirs of healing already available, and the healing happens directly on the table. 


Once activated and able to move energy again, patients are able to work with their own bodies in COOPERATION with the practitioner.  This reduces the number of visits needed and speeds up the healing process dramatically.  Once restored, our patients can use the tools for self-healing and maintenance to balance their circuits regularly like meditation,  eliminating the energetic CAUSE of the injury. 

The body receives its own energy faster and more completely than it can from any outside provider.  Point-of Essence work sends a powerful signal of self-care to the body and a positive action step.  It removes the sense of powerlessness and frustration that accompany chronic injuries.  Many patients experience relief in just a few sessions.  Top athletes have reported major changes in just a few sessions.  

Sessions are highly individualized and may include tissue work, energy work, counseling, and massage. 

Over time, Point of Essense gently restores the proper energy flow in the body, empowering patients to heal physical and emotional trauma more completely than we ever thought possible.  This has been very successful with patients who have plateaued in therapy, PT, or are have received a difficult diagnosis like neuropathy.  Application has been expanded to work with clients to achieve peak performance for athletics and the performing arts, test anxiety. Patients working with a therapist on child abuse or domestic violence issues find this a powerful tool to eliminate the energy blocks that remain held in the body after the difficult work of reconciling trauma has begun.


There are no "attunements" or special skills needed to use these ancient techniques, simply gentle pressure, and Jennifer intuitively guides patients in working with their own bodies simply by demonstrating and helping patients learn what energy feels like.  Patients are introduced to the body maps and guided through discovering their own language of the body and how best to care for their unique expression.  

How can I learn Point of Essence Work?

For practitioners wishing to learn Point of Essence healing, please call the office to discuss the mentorship program.  This work is best suited to somatic bodyworkers like acupuncture, massage, and chiropractors as well as somatic body therapists.  While we can teach anyone the Acupressure self-healing, the diagnostic understanding requires a deep understanding of body mechanics and structural integration.  Acupuncturists and shiatsu practitioners who already understand the meridians will find this easier to learn.  

We are excited and blessed to be able to bring this type of healing to the world at this time!