I created EMPOWERED ACUPUNCTURE  after I sustained a potentially career-ending injury and a potentially life-threatening diagnosis at the beginning of the COVID pandemic.  Elective services were not available and faced with paralysis and excruciating pain, I went to work on myself.  Based on 25 years of training in the principles of Somatic Patterning, Reiki, classical Japanese acupuncture, and the Chakra system, Empowered Acupuncture and the patient-centered acupressure self-healing work is a response to PTSD, trauma, and emotional stress.  The work is visible, and many times patients are able to see and feel their own energy for the first time. 

Since I was still working, I found a consistent pattern of disharmony in the energy field of all my patients, and the techniques I developed to resolve my own issues were immediately applicable to my clients, who were predominantly first responders and medical providers on the front lines of the pandemic. It became clear we were creating a new treatment for PTSD, overwhelm, and extreme emotional distress. Many of these injuries or disease patterns were the result of limiting beliefs often laid down in childhood or as a result of trauma (emotional or medical, such as coding during an operation).  In addition, it was clear that the current medical system was disempowering, creating victim consciousness due to extreme states of helplessness or not being sure of where to turn to seek relief.  The current medical model is rooted in FIX ME and PROFIT rather than self-empowerment through UNDERSTANDING SELF.


Strong stress patterns essentially uncouple the 8 great channels in the body, essentially making it impossible for the body to heal itself.  ALL pain in the body is the result of unresolved held energy be it physical, emotional, or spiritual. As it turns out, this was part of the classical acupuncture training until the Cultural Revolution in China.  All of the energy aspects were removed from the curriculum to provide a watered-down, cookie-cutter approach that could be packaged and sold to for-profit schools in the west.  It was a half-baked curriculum that resulted in poor outcomes and sporadic success.  

Pain and injuries become chronic when we fail to understand the language of the body or the message that is being communicated.  Once translated, patients connect more deeply with WHY and HOW this developed, and how limiting beliefs and behaviors essentially create confusion in the body's consciousness.  Many times pain and healing happen spontaneously during the session.  It is possible that acute pain of 10/10 pain may drop to 3/10 by the end of the first session.  Patients work in conjunction with the provider with simple exercises to reverse patterns of disharmony, including nerve damage, more completely than we ever thought possible.

The regeneration is visible and spontaneous.  While symptom relief is possible directly in session, it becomes a process of mindfulness to learn how to permanently shift these limiting patterns and emotional states;  the recovery is body and mind working in harmony.  Rather than healing, it might be best described as helping the body to return to its natural state by removing the energy blocks created from limiting beliefs and held emotional energy.  Patients are given self-care acupressure exercises unique to them, and while not necessary, create cooperation with the provider that often cuts the number of visits in half.

I am deeply grateful to my injured medical providers in San Diego who so generously worked on the front lines to keep everyone else safe, and with open minds,  made themselves available to develop this new work over the last 2+ years.  In treating both my patients and myself, I have also enjoyed the fruits of this new work and look forward to a full recovery from my own injuries.



"My name is XXX and I have been a professional (prone) paddle border for the last 7 years and have been a competitive athlete since I was 12 years old.  I have been getting acupuncture treatments from Jennifer Moffitt for over 15 years.  During the first 12 years of acupuncture treatment, I saw Jennifer to help treat my athletic injuries.  During the last 3 years, Jennifer evolved into more than just an acupuncturist.  She is able to quickly assess the needs of the patient and is able to work wonders with her intuitiveness as a healer and her expert experience as an acupuncturist.  The focus of my treatment changed from treating injuries to keeping my body primed for my workouts.  Currently, I see Jennifer once a month to clear out any blocked channels that prevent me from achieving maximum efficiency when I’m paddling.

She is able to clear blocked channels in one visit where it would’ve taken at least 3 visits to clear many years ago.  I still remember a shoulder issue that was plaguing me for two weeks.  It got to the point during a workout where it just locked up with limited mobility and was extremely uncomfortable.  I went in to see Jennifer that day and I walked out of her office a new person with full mobility in my shoulder.  I was able to paddle comfortably the very next morning:)

Now when I come in for my monthly treatments I walk out of the office with my muscles feeling like melted butter...relaxed and ready to take on the world with my workouts and competitions.  I have recommended Jennifer to many of my athletically competitive friends since she stands above any acupuncturist I’ve seen and will achieve results." - Private patient since 2007

"Jennifer has given me a wonderful gift by bringing my body and mind together. I've had significant neck, shoulder, and arm pain for quite some time. When I originally came to Jennifer at The Healing Arts Center, my pain levels were ranging from 7-9, but after our first session, they were down to a 3. Jennifer's approach is non-invasive and honest, and she creates a setting that allows me to integrate and heal. She authentically and clearly guides me to touch even the most difficult aspects of my life, and she possesses a unique capacity to genuinely transform these experiences into fuel for my own growth. I always feel comfortable and respected by her at all times, and our collaboration has given my life new meaning. Jennifer draws on a variety of sources, and her comprehensive approach has particularly impacted me. She has the ability to influence the body, mind, and spirit, providing invaluable insight into our various realms of experience and consciousness. I'm also blown away by how much our teamwork has taught me new tools to help me manage my own health."  -Sharp Rees Stealy Medical Group.