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Embodied Acupuncture Today!

Classically,  acupuncture and energy work was part of a complete system of medicine that we now call Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Rooted in  Zen and Daoist traditions from Japan, Korea,  Vietnam and southeast Asia, our texts date back over 3 thousand years. 

Classical  Acupuncture was alchemy:  physical, emotional or spiritual pain were transformed into precious experiences and released; healing comes with mindfulness, compassion, and understanding.

Embodied Acupuncture (TM) was developed over several years and became the basis of my doctoral work.  It turns out that our medicine always included these principles but many of them were lost during the communist takeover and the cultural purges in China after WW1.  The acupuncturists in China who were forced to "medicalize" this ancient style of healing left us clues in the classics that when re-interpreted to include modern advances in both psychiatry and energy medicine, yield results in ways we never imagined.  

Based on the classical meridian system, the chakra system in classical Ayurveda, and the principles of somatic body movement therapy, the sessions gently restore powerful self-healing circuits that were previously blocked from stress, scar tissue, and trauma.  Sessions are highly individualized and may include tissue work, energy work, counseling, and massage. 


The work is visible to the naked eye, with visible rejuvenation in the tissue areas (including nerve damage), and our patients begin to see and feel their own energy patterns in the body. 

Over time, Embodied Acupuncture gently restores the proper energy flow in the body, empowering patients to heal injuries and emotional trauma more completely than we ever thought possible. 


Application has been expanded to work with clients with severe trauma, DEMENTIA (yes dementia) PTSD, peak performance for athletics and performance, empowerment, test anxiety, or any type of goal. In addition, many of our clients are using treatment as part of their own energetic evolution, moving out of limiting belief systems and victim frequencies that have blocked their ability to bring in joyful partnerships or abundance. 


As with any modality, the more chronic the condition, the more sessions will be required to resolve it.   The needle style is painless, and needles are optional in this tradition so it is safe to use with children. 

For more complex cases, I work more as a medical detective, treating difficult-to-address conditions that have failed other forms of therapy.  I have the best results with patients who have tried other types of medicine or bodywork.  (PT, medication, surgery, massage or chiropractic care.)


For more complex cases, particularly trauma, this is a healing journey.  if I am not the right fit, I will refer you to a provider who may be of more help in treating your condition. 



Come see us up in Kearney Mesa:

Jennifer Moffitt, DTCM

7071 Convoy Court, #102

San Diego, CA 92111


 COX has disconnected our lines! Our new number is 619-394-7888 (talk/text) or email for

more information.  

Please note this office no longer accepts any insurance.

Due to issues with the pandemic, we have temporarily discontinued online booking.  Please call or email the office to schedule. 

  • Highly trained Medical Intuitive
  • Trauma-Informed therapist and PTSD-C somatic clinician.
  • Traditional Japanese Acupuncture with energy work (needles optional)
  • Orthopedic consults for complex cases
  • Functional Medicine and Telemedicine health consultations
  • Feng Shui Consultations for Sick spaces
  • Post-graduate mentoring and training
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