At The Healing Arts Center, we have over 19 years of experience working with Workers Compensation patients by practicing the highest standards of integrative medicine, working with doctors and attorneys all over San Diego County.   This includes full orthopedic assessment, medical report writing, and outcomes assessment per ACOEM guidelines.   

If you have received a Work Comp referral from your doctor or adjuster,  we must confirm the authorization and have all supporting documentation to ensure both the best possible care and that we are part of your Employer's physician's network.  

If you have received authorization from your adjuster, please have them fax us the following information to 619-688-0026  for secure digital capture.  

  • The Referral

  • a Signed RFA or Cert letter

  • A copy of your doctors last PR2

  • Any relevant labs or imaging reports (we don't need the film).

After we verify your authorization, we will call to schedule your acupuncture therapy.  

If you have received an acupuncture referral from your Occupation Medicine doctor, call us to walk you through submitting this to your adjuster for further authorization.